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High Time ATP's for Jets and Turbine Props

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With us you won't be pressured by "Aircraft Salesmen", Manufacturers or Brand agents.

Instead you will be carefully advised by Airline Transport Captains - Senior Corporate Aircraft Pilots with tens of thousands of hours experience flying many different types of business jets. Our highly qualified pilots have managed numerous corporate flight departments and charter companies worldwide over the last 35 years.

We will be with you all the way, helping you choose the right aircraft for your budget and operational needs, arranging crew, organising everyday operations, overseeing maintenance and otherwise ensuring the safety and cost effectiveness of your important aircraft investment.

We take care of ALL the details leaving you to enjoy the freedom, comfort and pleasure of personal air travel

Watch your companies effectiveness, saleability and productivity soar sky high!

Remember - No Plane, No Gain!

Services Offered

Corporate / Business Aircraft Purchases - Our highly experienced pilots and operations managers will assist you in the purchase of your aircraft. We will help you to choose the correct make and type without being pressured by brand or make in the most confidential, economic, unbiased and professional manner possible.

Pre-Purchase Evaluation Test Flights - Independent & non-biased evaluations coupled with our own engineer’s technical & logbook evaluation procedure. Anywhere in the world!

Acceptance Test Flights - Post purchase, pre-delivery acceptance test flights.

Aircraft Delivery / Ferry - Worldwide or local, with extensive experience by our own full-time in-house pilots.

Aircraft Repossession / Repatriation – We can professionally repossess or repatriate your aircraft from anywhere in the world!

Aircraft Recoveries (mechanical) – Recoveries from anywhere with our own maintenance teams and pilots.

Airfield Layout, Design, and Construction – Private / licensed anywhere in the world.