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About Us

Corporate Aviators and Ferry Flights Int'l. Inc. are companies operated and lead by Michael Schittenhelm, a German citizen from Hamburg with residency in South Africa since the early eighties. Michael has 20 years plus of flying and aviation management experience in Africa, 15 years plus in the USA, Europe and the rest of the world.

With over 26,000 hours under his belt he leads a team of equally highly experienced pilots and aircraft engineers to achieve total satisfaction and legendary perfection - but always putting SAFETY FIRST!!

Corporate Aviators is primarily dedicated to helping corporate and private users to acquire the right aircraft for their needs.

We achieve this by applying the extensive knowledge we have gained through actual flying experience on a very large variety of corporate and charter aircraft. This means that you will have no pressure from aircraft sales personnel wanting to sell their brand, make or stock of aircraft.

We carefully listen to and take note of potential owners requirements, divided into "must have", "must be able to do", "wish list" and budgetary restraints. We also discuss requirements with different department heads to gain helpful insight into your company's workings.

In this way Corporate Aviators is able to pinpoint the precisely suitable aircraft for you.

We source new or pre-owned machines and conduct test and evaluation flights (we are licensed test pilots as well). In the case of pre-owned aircraft, our own mechanics do thorough, unbiased airframe, engine and logbook inspections anywhere in the world so that you have all the information you need before you commit to a purchase.

In essence you will have the opportunity to be guided every step of the way by someone who can actually fly and operate the aircraft and has done so over many years in many operations. You gain the advantage of our extensive real world experience in the aviation industry. We are not just pretending to know, as aircraft sales people seem to do!

Should you so wish we could oversee the aircraft maintenance as well. This means that we will also have to live with the decision - so we want to make sure it is the right aircraft for you!

Ferry Flying

The other division of our business, Ferry Flights Int'l. Inc., ferries commercial and business aircraft for various international aviation companies around the world.

Ferry flying is a highly specialized job as many in-house and company pilots do not have the experience or time to ferry aircraft all over the world.

Reasons to use professionals for this service include:
  • Inappropriate or limiting capabilities of the crew on the aircraft type involved
  • The normal crew may not have the experience to handle the new route safely
  • Weather, ocean crossings, very high density airspace i.e. New York, London etc.
  • Severely remote regions

For the above reasons it is a safe and cost effective choice to use our experienced pilots to fly your valuable aircraft to its final destination, wherever that may be.